Dr. Abhijit Dam,  Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Abhijit Dam is the founder of Kosish. His passion and pain of observing patients die a lonely, painful and undignified deaths in ICUs, made his mission to provide the terminally ill with a good quality of life with symptom control. He has also focussed on spiritual and psychological issues in end-of-life care and has conducted some commendable work integrating religion, spirituality and quality of life. He has authored two books on the same and is currently working on his third book. He has a special interest in after-life.

  • Certificate in Palliative Medicine (Poland),FPM
  • Diploma in Palliative Medical Cardiff, MSc in Palliative Medicine.
  • Indian Fellowship in Palliative Medicine,
  • Certification in Advanced Vedanta, 2012.
  • Fellowship in Successful Ageing, Stanford University, 2013,
  • Contemplative & End of life course, USA, 2013,
  • National Faculty and Vice President of Indian Association of Palliative Care.

Mrs. Usha Rani Mohanty, President Kosish

A nurse by profession and certified in palliative care, Mrs Mohanty is one of the founding members of Kosish. Her expertise lies in providing nursing care in rural and resource poor situations. She is also the Honorary Treasurer of the Indian Association of Palliative Care.

Dr. S Dey, Anaesthesiologist and Palliative Care Consultant, President-Elect Kosish

An anaesthesiologist by profession and certified in palliative medicine. He offers his expertise in the area of advocacy and pain management.

Dr. Nivedita Datta, Consultant and Member

A senior gynaecologist and palliative care consultant she imparts social obstetrics and safe motherhood practices in rural settings and acting consultant for JHPEIGO  in Jharkhand.

Dr. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay, Paediatrician and Palliative Care Consultant

A paediatrician by profession, she is certified in palliative medicine and has been rendering her expertise focussing primarily on the paediatric group of patients.

Mr. Surjeet Singh, OT Technician

Surjeet is one of our founding members. He volunteers his support and has his expertise in care of wounds and dressing in addition to advocacy.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay is one of our founder-members. He has trained as a volunteer in palliative care from Warsaw, Poland.

Mr. Natwar Nagar, Fund Raiser & Evangelist

His primary responsibility is towards fund raising and assist the founders and the governing board in identifying donor resources, raising funds for long-term organizational sustainability and business development. He is working closely with the project team to build the modern facility for the institute.He is the Managing Partner for Executive Search practice at Hotelivate India and works as Advisor to Clothes Box Foundation.

Mr. Kaushal Sheth, Chief Project and Design Head

Kaushal is the Founder & Design Principal of the architectural firm, Kaushal Sheth and Associates. He is leading the design, planning and infrastructure of the new Kosish centre His firm is providing comprehensive consulting services in the fields of Environment, Habitat, Settlements, Building Complexes, Campuses as well as Individual Buildings.

Mrs. Dhira Bose, Breast Cancer Survivor and Counsellor

Mrs. Bose has been working tirelessly in promoting advocacy for palliative care, primarily in Kolkata, where she heads the Kolkata chapter along with her husband. An excellent counsellor and an advisor to the care-givers and patients.

Mrs. Radhika Murthy Singh, Advisor & Volunteer

Ms Singh is employed with an international cultural relations organisation in a senior position. She is a devoted advocate of palliative care for the terminally ill. She helps Kosish with records and project proposal writing. As a dedicated volunteer, she undertakes various projects to help mobilise young people and steer them towards a socially responsible lifestyle.

Mr. SaileshKumar, Volunteer and Laboratory Technician

Sailesh is an excellent volunteer and plays a key role in mobilising and managing when our team ventures into new villages.

Mis. Ada Nagar, Volunteer

Ada is pursuing her bachelors in Liberal Arts & Humanities from O.P Jindal Global University, she works as a volunteer for the Jharkhand and Delhi chapters of Kosish. Her primary responsibility is to collect medicines and
essential supplies for the center. She also represents Clothes Box Foundation for the state of Jharkhand and is an active member for the Delhi region.

Mr. Dhananjay Khurana, Volunteer

Dhananjay works as a volunteer with the Delhi chapter of Kosish and helps with marketing communications and social media management for Kosish. He is currently working with a hospitality consulting firm in New Delhi. His
passion towards community development dnves him to work relentlessly along with his dedicated
team. He believes that even small initiatives can bring about a positive change.

Webic Studio Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Technology Partner

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